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Excursion 2

I have chosen to reference all non-specific third persons in the book as “she” or “her.” This is a purely personal choice for this book. The majority of entrepreneurs, globally, are male; it is, in my personal opinion, appropriate to encourage girls and women to be entrepreneurs, just as we have encouraged girls and women to explore opportunities in previously male-dominated fields like STEM and medicine.

I use the word “entrepreneur” throughout the book to refer to someone, anyone, who is doing one or more of the following:

  • Identifying an opportunity
  • Serving as a change agent
  • Thinking about starting a new organization
  • Starting a new organization
  • Growing an organization
  • Changing an existing organization to address a new opportunity

There is no value in rehashing 100 years of academic arguments between economists and organizational scholars about whether an “entrepreneur” is distinct from a “manager” or “businessperson,” much less whether entrepreneurs exist at all (see note below). I believe that I have observed, spoken to, and been an entrepreneur. I therefore use the term in its widest sense to simplify the text. For similar reasons, I tend to talk about “businesses,” but everything about “business models” can (and perhaps should) be applied to any organization, including not-for-profits, governments, and educational institutions.

Finally, the book was commissioned and published by Pearson Education in the UK. As such, the book utilizes UK-English spelling. This website is my own creation; despite living and working in the UK for years, I tend to revert to American English for spelling. Any inconsistencies between the language in the book and the language on this website are entirely my own responsibility.

Note on whether entrepreneurs exist: Economic theories that assume perfect markets and competition have no place for entrepreneurship. Perfection is clearly overrated. Kirzner, I. (1971). Entrepreneurship and the market Approach to Development. Toward Liberty, 2, 194-208.

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