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Canvanizer (www.canvanizer.com) is a website that offers free “canvases” across a variety of topics. One of them is the Lean Canvas. Simply go to the website, click on “Business” for the category, and then choose the Lean Canvas. You will be prompted to enter your email address, and then you will have a blank canvas to work with. The canvas building tool is extremely simple but powerful. In each area you create virtual “stickies” that can be color-coded and moved around. Each stickie also has a space for additional notes, which may be useful if you are sharing the canvas and need to explain details. There is also a “brainstorming” space at the bottom for posting stickies that may not immediately fit into a category, or to hold stickies that you have removed from a category but do not want to lose. The canvas can be easily shared to allow other people to edit and update. I use Canvanizer in every one of my entrepreneurship courses, and student consistently confirm that it is an easy and effective tool.

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