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We hope you are enjoying the book! Below and on the linked pages (at bottom) are live weblinks for online information that is referenced in the book. Originally, we had hoped to provide live links in the e-book version, but there were technical and ease-of-use problems. These aren't essential to using the book, but some readers may find them interesting and helpful.

The links are organized by Part (1-4) and by chapter. For example, Link 6.2 is related to material in Chapter 6.

If you find a dead link, please contact us to let us know. We'll get broken links fixed as quickly as we can.

Not all of these weblinks are directly referenced in the book. In the proofing and editing process, we had to eliminate some material that we liked but wasn't essential. But the links are here anyway for your entertainment.

Please note that we've used "Perma.cc" for many of the links. That should help ensure that ephemeral web content is preserved. From the perma.cc page, you may still be able to link to the original website.

Also, we've provided links to the YouTube version of videos that are made available by Stanford's eCorner site. We've noticed that some web browsers don't always show the eCorner site properly. Regardless, we strongly encourage you to visit Stanford eCorner to access hundreds of incredible videos about entrepreneurship and business: www.ecorner.stanford.edu.

Most of the videos we've linked to are very short (2-5 minutes). These are almost always excerpts of longer (45-75 minute) talks given at Stanford's Technology Venture Program. The eCorner site has the full versions of those talks.


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